The calendar of horse fairs, huckster, flee and antiquarian markeds in Denmark

MARKEDSBOGEN („the book of the fairs“) was first published in 1980. During all these years the book has been the only significant link among the organisers of fairs, shopkeepers and visitors. MARKEDSBOGEN contains information sent in by the organizers of the markeds and fairs.

These are some of the pieces of information the organisers of the markeds can get published in the book: the title of the marked; the organizer of the marked; the address of the marked; the opening and closing dates of the marked; the prices of the stalls and current; whether there are bathrooms for shopkeepers and disabled toilets at the markedsplace; where and how to book a stall or a stand; the time-limit of stall-booking; how deep stands and piches are; the goods one is allowed to sell at the marked; whether there is a travelling fun fair at the markedsplace; whether it is allowed to sell horses and/or small animals; the number of the visitors the year before; whether there are guard dogs at the markedsplace at night; whether there are speciel events during the marked; whether there is entrance fee for the marked and where you can spot the marked on the map of Denmark.

The book is laid out in a form of a calendar - all the markeds are mentioned in a chronological order, so it is easy to find out where and when each marked takes place.


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